Top 10 Clues a Medium has Gone Mainstream

Top 10 Clues

Here are the top 10 clues a medium has gone mainstream:

#1 Someone mentions it in every meeting you attend

Office Meeting Outside

#2 You start to using its language outside it

Twitter in e-mail

#3 You are thinking about putting it in your e-mail signature

Twitter e-mail signature

#4 You see it on billboards with Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher Twitter Billboard

#5 Brands start using its language, too

Land Rover #LRNY Twitter Hashtag

#6 NASA uses it to send messages from space

#7 Bakers use it as a business tool

#8 Someone uses it directly from his brain

#9 You want to let anyone know you used it before Oprah

#10 There are 18.999.999 other people using it

Photo credits: #1 officenow

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